Refund Policy offers return or exchange services for most items within 30 days of receipt of products. You will find the applicable conditions on this page. This will not restrict your statutory right of withdrawal. You will find the details of your statutory right of withdrawal in Terms and Conditions.

Return & Refund

Easy Returns

Start A Return, then refund payment:

  1. Contact our sales rep by replying email to the order notification email,
  2. In the email, tell us you want to refund this order, giving specific product, quantity you want to return back.
  3. Once we see this email, we will provide you a specific address to receive your order returns to.
    • Refund for unshipped item: If the refund request start before we ship your order, we will pause the the product packging process. Then refund payment to your account directly.
    • Refund for shipped item: If the refund request start after package delivery, we will deduct shipping cost, then we will provide package return address for you, once we get the package tracking number, we will refund for you within 2~3 business days.(2 business days due to finiantial process).
    • Refund for used item: If the product you get already used and feels uncomfortable with it, you may ship it back, we will provide you our package receive address, this product we have to receive it, check it, if it doesn’t affect second time sell(as used item), we could provide you a deduction of entire return products.
  4. note: for shipped item and used item, you may pay for this shipping fee of return process. Once we get package shipped back, we will refund products fees, fees amount deptends on whether does it affect 2nd time sell, then we could refund 70%~80% of a product cost, as long as product doesn’t have quality problem. If product already used and you received it already over 30 days, if there is no quality issues, we would not accept full refund.


Question: Where should i send the product back?

Answer: You ship it to Yungang Industrial Park, Chumen(317605), YuhuanZhejiang, China, once we get the product, we will refund product back to you, be aware, before you ship it back, please note to us, so that we could give you instruction of how much product should be declare, specific recepient, contact information, etc. This can ensure we get it on faster period of time, and resend new product for you.

Question: Why is the return rejected?


Your return may be declined for one of the following reasons, so please check carefully before sending products back.

1) The item was non-returnable or non-returnable if opened;

2) The online return center wasn’t able to locate the order number or other information needed to process the return;

3) The item is not product.

If you are not sure whether you should send products back, please contact your sales representative in advance.