Private labelling service and value engineering

If you want to apply your branding to each delivered product, we can carry out laser printing on-site. We can also apply branding to your packaging if required.

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Professional production guaranteed
Brand customization

Logo laser printing

We offer a comprehensive laser printing service for your branded products. Regardless of the part in question, if you want a laser printed logo completed, we should be able to do it.

To date we have laser printed on:

  • Stainless steel products (Stainless steel ball lock disconnect, corney keg)

  • Copper equipment

  • Plastic parts

value-added service

Value engineering

No matter you are sourcing for high quality product or lower price product, we always can help you achieve final product according to your specific requirement.

We are doing this by following below guideline:

  • Highly increase quality and by the meanwhile maintain cost

  • Decrease cost and by the meanwhile maintain quality

Value Engineering

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